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Bum-Ba-Dum Bum-Bum-Bum-Bum

We are Brooklyn Technical High School's first, worst, and only satirical newspaper. We probably started around the 1980s—definitely before The Onion, our fierce rival.

Interested in joining us? Find us in school on Wednesdays in room 2N3 after 10th period. Also, join our email list for updates.

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Feed Us.

You don't wanna see us when we're hungry.

Every month we throw articles into the world like a mama bird trying to kill her children. This makes the big radish in the sky very happy. It eats them. Please give us articles to throw. We are begging.

If you're as hungry as the sky radish, there are also plans for a huge wheel of cheese to feed writers. Write an article, get a nibble, that's our motto.

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Feed us... without writing

Wanna help us throw the articles? We have teams for preparing them! Be sure to keep an eye out for when applications for our teams open up. đź‘€

Graphics Team

The graphics team is the artists. The storytellers. The people who spent too much time in the arts and crafts sections of anywhere they went. They are in charge of designing the covers, page layouts, and article graphics for each issue. Someone needs a minion riding a llama through ancient Greece. They'll be there. Your article doesn't make sense without a picture of a sentient mushroom eating the Joker? No problem. The graphics team is in charge of making each issue pop off the page (and making propaganda). Sound interesting? Of course it does. See you there.

Editing Team

The editing team edits. They take your random piles of b*llshit and turn them into prettier piles of b*llshit, while still letting your unmistakable stench through. The editing staff knows grammar, how English works, and of course makes them jokes good. They're the people that force the reader to have a good time and they always most of the time succeed. Did your fifth-grade English teacher always tell you that you were their favorite? Then this is the team for you.

Contribution Requirements

Also known as Article Rules, Way Words Can Be, Acceptable Language Chunks, etc.

We like well-communicated piles of b*llshit here. Feel free to take a look at the many articles we have here on our website for reference. However, mostly keep in mind the following:


  • The article is 0.5 pages to 2 pages, flexible if the article is good
  • You're a BTHS student, flexible if the article is good
  • You're willing to work with an editor, even if the article is good

Consider Before Submitting:

  • Do you get to the point?
  • Is the article's premise funny on its own and an original take on the concept?
  • Did you have fun writing the article?

The Tickonomy

Have you even seen those gas prices lately?

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