2021 Fashion Trends

Shawn Hayden04/08/2021March 2021



Many people nowadays struggle with choosing an outfit for their everyday activities. In order to assist the average clothing connoisseur, we at The Radish decided to create a stunning list of today's most trending and fashionable clothing items:

  1. 3-piece suit

    With stunning formality, a 3-piece suit is perfect for everything from a business meeting to a pool party. Once thought a relic of the past, this outfit has returned to the mainstream. Indeed, an overwhelming majority of people wearing suits have been caught sporting one during an everyday activity, such as attending zoom meetings, party rocking in the house tonight, or a funeral. Make any event formal with a 3-piece suit. 

  2. Sailor uniform (1700s)

    Nothing makes you want to sing sea shanties more than this 1700s naval sailor’s uniform. Perfect for all conditions, be it calm waters or rough seas, this is the perfect outfit for dying of scurvy in a cramped ship. 

    This uber-popular outfit has made a stunning comeback, along with the strange reappearance of sea shanties. While “experts” try to claim that these events are unrelated, many still suspect otherwise.

  3. Vietcong

    Nothing brings nostalgia like fighting against the US with the Vietcong does in this stunning new fashion trend.

    No other outfit will make you feel more one with nature other than this one. Wearing it, you will get to expand your connection to the natural environment around you, everything from the trees to the foxholes.

  4. Suit of armour (knight)

    Nothing will make you feel safer than wearing several dozen kilograms of metal. You do not need to fear getting hurt in a fight. This groundbreaking (it’s very heavy) outfit will protect you from even the strongest punches. This metal suit’s extra weight is also the perfect full-body workout, anywhere, anytime, constantly.

  5. Just crocs

    Voted the all-round perfect outfit in 1971, just crocs remains the outfit of champions. Wearing just crocs is perfect for any occasion from your child’s birthday party to a celebration of your grandmother’s “trip upstate.” Just crocs is an easy-to-maintain and simple-to-wear outfit, no matter the temperature, be it a cold winter day or the Sahara Desert.

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