AP World History Teacher Fired For Aggressively Supporting Ancient Roman Beliefs

Noah Mack05/31/2019Volume 2


Parents of students taking AP World History with Mr. Amelio were surprised to hear that their children had to switch classes because of what appeared to be an unfortunate incident involving the teacher and a surprisingly heavy set of Roman centurion armor he had recently acquired. However, further investigation into Mr. Amelio’s class revealed that he’d been sharing his excitement for Roman history with his students and fellow teachers for some time, though in a very unconventional way. One of Mr. Amelio’s former students, Andrew (class of 2021), shared his experience in the class: “I mean at first, it really wasn’t that bad. We were learning some Roman numerals and a little bit of Latin. I guess it was kinda weird when he tripped and fell and crushed that student’s desk while he was wearing that iron armor. Some parts were actually fun, though. One time, he brought in this javelin and skewered the whiteboard.” Andrew is referring to a past event in which Mr. Amelio jammed a spear through one of the walls and into the neighboring French room. The students in that classroom were startled to say the least. In fact, there had been multiple French teachers who had reported grievances against Mr. Amelio. Some had allegedly disclosed that they had been threatened by Mr. Amelio with what they described as “medieval weaponry.” When later asked about this by school staff, Mr. Amelio contested this, saying that this statement was inaccurate. He vigorously protested that he had actually threatened them with a semispatha, a Roman short-sword. Additionally, a conversation between Mr. Amelio and a French teacher was overheard by a Precalculus teacher, Mr. Miles. Mr. Miles was a considerable distance from the two, though he said that he heard Mr. Amelio throwing around words such as “barbarian” and “Gaul.” Mr. Miles at the moment wasn’t entirely certain whether these phrases were derogatory or if he just happened to be hearing a very passionate French history debate. Shortly after Mr. Amelio was fired, or, more specifically, as he was exiting the building directly following the termination of his job, he decided to raid the Social Studies Department office. Fortunately, there were no victims who were harmed in the attack, though he pillaged most of the valuable items and unintentionally lacerated his own left tricep in the process. Mr. Amelio was found unconscious in the office, where he was then given medical attention and taken into custody by the police.

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