Discord Update Imminent!

Diego Curinga06/25/2021June 2021


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Not to be confused with the pop icon (and My Little Pony character), or with the word’s definition (a bad cord), Discord is a renowned messaging application. As a fan of this messaging service, you’ll be pleased to know that sources describing me as either “incredibly credible” or “incredible” have provided us with the inside scoop on some upcoming updates. In a note they said the following:

  • It’s time to remove dark mode. Dark mode has connotations of fury, hatred, and when the lights turn off at nighttime and it’s so scary. Because of this, we are removing it.

  • As an alternative to light mode, there will be a fresh option called “red mode” This aesthetic look will feature a red background with orange words. Red mode will make a good alternative for people with deep cult-level biases against light mode. Besides, this color will be better for your eyes; we want to keep you awake late at night wondering, “where did all this red come from?”

  • Reactions will now have a red background behind the usual blue background to make them pop out more.

  • Now, until a server hits 100 members, all members will automatically have admin privileges. This will help eliminate inequality and Dill changing my nickname and being so rude all the time in friend groups.

  • Fixed a bug where you get banned for posting NSFW content in #general.

  • Emojis are no longer available without Discord Nitro.

  • People can no longer add reactions with emoji they don’t have—even if the emoji was already reacted to a message. I hope that you’re as excited about these updates as I am. I’m a light mode enthusiast myself- [Diego Curinga has since been exterminated by a mob who seem to like their eyes]

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