Girl's Night!

Ethan Perkis01/18/2023


#From the field

When Mother told you that you were going to have a girl’s night on the town, you didn’t expect yourself to be this excited! You met with your Algebra teacher. She was wearing formal attire: t-shirt and crocs adorned with only the bedazzliest of rhinestone jibbitz. Were you underdressed? You scanned Mother up and down. Yes, she too was wearing her lovely ketchup-stained evening soirée gown. You’d come unprepared in your three-piece suit and tie.

You decided to start the night with karaoke. As you pulled out a short script for a rap battle and turned on the background music, you found yourself met with a brief moment of apprehension. Would this be enough to sway your teacher into giving you an elusive B-? As you started your line, hesitance could hold you back no longer. You belted a serenade about how you’d been working hard all semester.

Mother was easily fooled by your literal song and dance, but your teacher was wise to your tricks.

“You have barely done any of your homework this semester,” her counter-verse flatly stated. Sweat running down your face, you decided to try a new activity. A spa would be sure to relax everyone’s nerves! You threw a facial scrub mask at your teacher as a distraction and pulled Mother away, but she didn't budge. Before you could cover her eyes with cucumber slices, she looked you dead in the eyes to tell you to do your homework as soon as you get home. Ugh, now girl’s night has been ruined by this drama!

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