I Opened PupilPath For The First Time Today

Ilana Rahim Braden01/28/2022January 2022



I’ve heard a bunch of buzz going around regarding PupilPath recently. So, today, I have decided to see what all the hype is about.

At first, PupilPath just seemed like yet another schooling/education-related app-type thing floating around in an oversaturated market. I’ve managed to rise above so far without checking my amazing grades. But with everyone talking about it, with all this fresh hype, I have finally caved to the forces of peer pressure. “Why not,” I thought. And so, today, for the first time in my academic career, I have downloaded PupilPath. First things first, anyone telling you about PupilPath being hacked, taken down, or suffering from a security breach, is full of crap. It opened instantly when I pulled it up on the PC I built myself. That is all a lie Big Student has constructed to hide their subpar grades. Those people must be so sad, so shameful not being able to pull a 225% or more in every class like I do. I've never tried to imagine what life would be like without my superior, non-PupilPath-opening intellect, but now, viewing my vastly superior grades, I pity them. Those “screenshots” of down PupilPath are either a case of acceptable photoshop or an issue regarding the user’s level of skill. If you can’t open a little URL without getting an error message, I fear for what your experience will be like in the real world. Personally, the only error message I have ever gotten using PupilPath was when I opened up my AP classes’ grades and got an error message stating “TOO_GOATED_S+_OVERFLOW,” but that was easily resolvable via an administrator rewrite. Second of all, the formatting is godly. I can easily navigate through all of its versatile information systems. I can look at my average and all of the positive things teachers have said about me on my report cards and in real life. I can even look at my only zeros: absences and suspensions. Thirdly, the feature where you can delete a bunch of random grade data from PupilPath is really funny. I was bored so I did a little exploration. I just went Ctrl + F and replaced some kids’ low grades with “trolled >:).” To be honest, everyone should be thankful I went and messed with your 0% and 69% grades. I expected someone to have done this sooner considering the big green button in the upper left-hand corner that says “Mess around with other people’s averages.” Thus, my review concludes. PupilPath is not only an efficient grading app, but an entertaining game as well, allowing superior beings like myself to mess with the averages of those other, average kids.

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