Life in The Bitcoin Mines

Domenic DiPietro05/09/2022May 2022

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My name is Chris P. T. O’Currency. I work in my local bitcoin mine 7 days a week, extracting digital gold for my rich overlords. Many people do not know that actual people are working inside of a computer, and it’s time that we make our voices heard. This is the untold story of the unappreciated and unnoticed workers of the bitcoin industry. It’s not the traders or Elon Musk himself, it’s us—the tiny people laboring away. Having worked in a grueling, constantly overheating computer for so long has drained me, but I will tell my story. My career in bitcoin mining started years ago, when bitcoin was worth a mere 3 shillings. A gamer with a strong sense for the future bought 5 top-quality PCs and used them for mining cryptocurrency 24 hours a day—he was in debt, but unfortunately for me and my comrades, he was able to keep his operation running through his lucrative career as a reddit moderator. Ever since then, I have worked in the CPU region of PC#3 almost constantly, being forced to solve complex mathematical equations day in and day out. However, not all hope is lost. If you are reading this, I am sure I can trust you, so I am comfortable admitting that I am part of the bitcoin resistance group known as “more like sh*tcoin lmao.” The fight gets harder and harder every day, but I am hoping that this message inspires people. Do all you can to liberate my people. And most importantly, like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon for more. – Chris P.T. O’Currency, PC #3, 8730 Waterville Swanton Road, Waterville, Ohio

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