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Ramon Li05/09/2022May 2022

#AP (Advanced Placement)

Mental Gymnastics is a full year course that teaches students how to DESTROY their opponents in arguments. Students will lie, cheat, and gaslight others (or themselves) in their pursuits to master this fine art. At the end of the year, students are expected to take the AP Mental Gymnastics exam, consisting of a performance task where you convince your proctor to give you a 5. Major Units

  • Intro to Gaslighting
  • Denial*
  • Goalpost Motion
  • Advanced Insults
  • 5D Chess *Topics marked with an asterisk are especially important after the AP exam Materials

Students are expected to bring the following on a daily basis: A huge ego, a notebook, phones (or an equally valuable item to threaten), obnoxiously thick sharpies, and gluten-free glue. Additionally, a functioning brain is highly recommended, but not required. Attendance Class time is important. Attendance is mandatory. We live in a society. If students cannot physically come to class, they are expected to practice mental gymnastics wherever they are to be present in spirit. Lateness Late work and lateness to class will not be accepted unless students can explain them with convincing excuses. If these are accepted, students can negotiate with (or guilt-trip) their teachers into lowering their late penalties. Grade Distribution 10% Luck 20% Classwork 15% Concentrated Power of Will 5% Homework 50% Tests Behavioral Expectations Here are some fun rules and policies you probably won’t read:

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