The Truth of the Maddening Mannequin Materials

Matthieu De Robles04/03/2020March 2020


You've probably questioned the stench of clothing stores at least once. It’s such a specific smell. However, if you’ve been to a graveyard, you may recognize the exact same smell, give or take a few stench units. People, open your eyes and realize there are dead people in clothing stores. How haven’t you noticed? Well, they hide the the corpses in the best place possible: mannequins. After some data collection in nine different countries, we found out that 83.45% of all mannequins are made out of people. The rest of the materials can be found in this graph: what materials do each country use for mannequins We can see that China chooses to mostly make their mannequins out of plastic out of respect for human lives. However, most of the other countries choose to disregard the beauty of life and use people for their clothing displays. We interviewed the heads of three different mannequin manufacturers, Definitely Plastic People, 100% Synthetic Mannequins Totally, and Mannequins That Are Not People. Their names will be kept secret to protect their identities. A collective comment that came from all of them was that they “do not use people to create mannequins.” But, during our interview, the representative showed all the tells of a liar, such as being nervous and constantly stuttering. They also told us “get out of my house, how did you get in?” and kept asking, “why do you have a baseball bat?” Pretty suspicious stuff. Our second action about this topic was to slice open mannequins and prove that they were made from human flesh. When entering the nearest Target, we were stopped by security. Only two of us escaped, while the rest were arrested, which definitely had nothing to do with the ski masks and crowbars we equipped ourselves with. We can see from this incident that the security guards of Target are also attempting to hide the truth. Everyone’s in on it, and we’ll be exposing the truth for you. This is The Radish, debunking the lies of the world, one at a time.

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