Top Realistic Excuses To Give For Why You Didn't Do Your Homework

Samantha Colon, Tobias Cen05/31/2024




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We’ve all been there, the teacher is checking homework and you haven’t done it. You're pressed to come up with an excuse, and under the pressure, you freeze up and say nothing or say something ridiculous like a Sky Radish told me there was no homework. How embarrassing! That's not going to help you form a positive relationship with your teachers. How will you ever get a recommendation letter?

Not to worry, the Radish is here to help! Here's the top excuses to say in case you haven't done your homework.

  1. I Left my Homework at Home

This excuse is plausible. Your teacher might roll their eyes, but you might get a chance to turn in the homework late.

  1. I Dropped My Homework in the Subway Tracks.

Haha L bozo. I bet this isn't even an excuse and that this actually happened to you.

  1. A Subway Rat Stole my Homework

Rats are ruthless about their nesting materials, and the homework of BTHS students is one of their top picks. Everyone knows this, and you've probably actually had a rat steal your homework before. I know I have.

  1. The MTA Ate my Homework

With rising costs to maintain the Subway system, the MTA has begun confiscating papers to burn as fuel for the eternal fire burning in the pit of the Grand Central Auntie Anne’s. The issue of papers being confiscated is so prevalent that your teacher has probably experienced it so they will definitely understand.

  1. Elon Musk Ate my Homework

Elon Musk has been recorded eating paper in New York City, so eating homework isn't too much of a stretch. You won’t have to do your homework since all teachers know how traumatic it is to encounter Elon Musk, let alone have your homework eaten by him. Make sure to use this excuse sparingly since he only travels to New York City once a week to eat paper.

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