Ur Uncle

Vania von Ussar11/27/2021November 2021


No teenager has been immune from the epidemic of “ur mom” jokes. These jokes, which play on the concept of fraternizing with the subject's mother, have their origins in a secret society within Brooklyn Tech. Although the joke has spread far and wide, it was developed by the imaginations of a shadowy underground organization, often referred to as the Tech “ur mom” collective. However in a recent shake-up, the leader of the Tech “ur mom” collective, who has elected to remain anonymous, announced via Discord ping the establishment of “ur uncle.”

Good evening @everyone,

The Tech “ur mom” collective is disgusted by the overuse of “ur mom.” We created this society with the purpose of creating a safe haven of “ur mom.” Instead, our inside joke has spread globally. From this day on we declare “ur uncle” to be the new “ur mom.”

Please keep this information within Brooklyn Tech to prevent a global crisis.

Sincerely, the Tech “ur uncle” collective. Within minutes overheard in the hallways of Tech were such remarks: “Where were you yesterday?” “With your uncle” “What’d you get on the math quiz?” “Same grade as ur uncle gave me last night, 100%” “Hey you wanna get some coffee after school with me?” “Ur uncle” Not to be outdone, the Stuyvesant “ur mom” collective quickly announced their transition to filtering “ur neighbor” jokes into their institution. While no fingers have been pointed, it has been assumed that Stuy students overheard the “ur uncle” phenomenon and tried to come up with their own brand. Unfortunately, insults like “I was with your neighbor last night” or “You smell like ur neighbor” fail to have the same pungency as “ur uncle.” We are hoping due to this article being published that other opposing schools will not take note of the success of the “ur uncle” movement. So if you see something, say something. The leaders of the “ur mom” collective are not afraid to do your mom commit arson.

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