Valentines Day Tips That Will Make You Irresistible to Boys

Ilana Rahim Braden03/02/2022February 2022






Here are some timeless, tried-and-true tactics to lure in all the boys!

  1. Get him to associate you with positive experiences, such as food. Take forever to pick where to eat, and watch him get hungrier and hungrier (for you). Aggression is a good sign, this means he does not want anyone else in the way of his blooming connection with you(r food).

  2. Stay quiet.

    Boys will be more likely to seek you out and explore further when you are quiet, because they do not like the rushes of people. This is not necessarily due to shyness, quite the opposite could be true. So don’t worry if shy boys aren’t your type.

  3. I cannot stress this enough: keep near food. Boys love food. He might even be more attracted to the food than you, but don’t let this deter you. He’s still curious about you, albeit distracted by the thoughts of his next meal. Feed him. He will feel welcomed and will come back for more. If you end up not giving him anything on his return, he is very likely to become aggressive. Food tends to get the better of him.

  4. Show up for him in the average boy’s favorite seasons: spring, summer, or early fall.

    You will be hard-pressed to not find a boy out and about in these seasons; the weather will be nice, here in the Northern hemisphere.

    Boys are most active at dusk and dawn. They function well in heat and become slothful in the chills of winter.

  5. Adorn new odors.

    Lotions, deodorants, scented soaps and perfumes are all sure to catch a boy’s attention. But the secret weapon is urine. The odors of urine are unique, interesting, and supremely attractive. Boys have strong noses. The way to his heart is through scent. Your smells are crucial, do not neglect or dismiss their importance.

  6. Burn your garbage.

    Boys love the smell of burning trash even more than regular trash. Don’t worry about the flames, fire does not scare boys.

    Boys are inherently curious and will likely seek out any smoke from the fire if the smell isn’t enough.

  7. Don’t want to seek him out?

    Here’s the easiest way. Keep your food in your tent. He’ll be there for sure. Even better, eat in your tent.

    A boy who comes to your tent is likely very used to humans and their food. Good luck with your boys, lovelies!

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