We Formerly Apolgize

04/09/2021March 2021

A solem good evening to all of you all. We published recently a issue of our own “The Radish February Issue”. A joke[1] was make in our published recently article “zoom ideas.” i think. [1] “The quality of Zoom’s servers should be like the quality of our English classes during quarantine: nonexcistent." This joke had intentions of harmless, but! However it was made many mean to the english Department area of broklyn technical school. Also, We belief, here at “The Radish,” that we like the english department area. They have make good class and happy student. Also; We learend so very much from these class’s, like speling, gramer, and rhetorical analysis and many more. In fact; we like english area So MUCH! That we are going to write in english in hour club now. Articles will be make wrote, using perfection of skill learned in english-area-related-classes. Were Sorry.
Sincrely, The “radish” editing and jacob (guy who writed the joke)

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