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Domenic DiPietro01/26/2023


You say you go to a STEM school, and nobody bats an eye. You say you major in humanities, and the world goes mad. They ask me, "Why would you go to a STEM school if you hate math and love History and English?" They ostracize us because we do not fit into the sadistic mold of our society. Every day, when I walk past the top kids in the physics major, they heckle me and throw junk at me, knowing the exact angle at which to trip me up. When I accidentally bump into a BioSci major, it seems they have full jurisdiction to beat me in such a way that I have no visible injuries. I cannot take this dystopia anymore. I have not personally read the book 1984, but I imagine this is precisely what George Orwell was talking about.

You want to know who runs this school? No, you fool – it’s not our principal. He is merely a pawn to the cabal of the engineering majors. For what other reason would there be multiple selections for this one topic, and jack squat for my people? THE SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE. Our sports teams are called The Engineers, for crying out loud. The other day, I was the victim of intentional harassment for speaking out against this glaring issue. Within 2 minutes, my phone burned to a crisp, a wire short circuited next to me, and a piece of falling wall nearly obliterated me. Clear targeting from the usual suspects: software, electrical, and civil. Disgusting.

Hope is not lost, right-brainers. The iron grip that STEM holds over this school is not absolute. I risk my career and my safety by doing so, but I am calling for a general protest against the oppression of humanities majors. L&S, SSR, Media – it is your duty to stand up and fight for your right, no, our right, to analyze text! Show the world that you cannot be silenced! It’ll work this time, I swear.

Thank you, dear reader, and make sure to catch my next article: “Why math should be removed from the SAT.”

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