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A/N: Hey, uwuber-tubers!!!! I’m so happy I was able to publish this new addition of my story! >:3 Sadly, it took longer than I thought; finals were horrible and I’m pretty sure I failed my physics exams, which means I’ll be inactive for a lil while ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Also, my beta-reader had to go on maternity leave and my best friend is in the hospital for E. Coli poisoning :'‑), so Imma gonna be on hiatus for the next two months. Anyways, enjoy the new chapter~

Chapter 15 and ¼ (Progress!): ★·.·´ I wanna be your favourite boy`·.·★ The bell beeped gratingly, but the harsh noise marked the joyous end of the week. You were the first out of your seat and out the door. Classes were over, and you couldn’t wait to go home and watch Fortnite Funnies: The Anime Spinoff for the next 35 hours like the shut-in you were. But just as you got to the school’s exit, someone tapped you on the shoulder. “Salutations Y/N.” The tall guy with dark hair who had just gotten your attention pushed up his glasses, creating a gleam that obscured his eyes. “‘Tis Survey from your geometry class. Would you like to go to the public library on Saturday? I took some excellent notes in geometry I’d like to share with you. I know you’re not the best at math.” He looked down at you, a smirk playing on his lips. “I don’t know. It’s the weekend but I might have to pick up my baby brother from kindergarten.” You replied, lying through your teeth. Your mother usually picked up your little brother. You felt bad lying to Survey; it was true that your geometry skills were inadequate, and Survey was the most attractive boy in class, but under no circumstances could anyone interrupt your hobbies. An ecstatic voice boomed across the foyer, interrupting Survey from speaking. It was Radish, wearing a bright red Hawaiian shirt adorned with bananas and a pair of aviator sunglasses without the lenses. “HEY Y/N! THERE YOU ARE!” Radish ran up and shoved his beaming face in front of yours, causing Survey to step away. Despite his questionable behaviour, you found Radish’s personality to be oddly electrifying. You wouldn’t say that you were attracted to Radish, but something about him was so compelling. “What do you want, baka? You know it’s rude to shove your face in front of others,” you replied, a scowl forming on your face, though it did a terrible job to hide your blush. “I dunno, just wanted to say hi,” Radish replied, grinning like the fool he was. He took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of stunningly smaragdine eyes. Your heart started to beat faster; Radish was undeniably cute with his long eyelashes and big eyes. “Th- then leave, gosh,” you reply, playfully rolling your eyes. Any normal bystander would think you’re annoyed. But, if they knew how to read between the lines, they would know that your pupils screamed, “I want you to chu-chu me wight now uwu~” Luckily, Radish was decently literate. Radish smirked again, his grin widening and showing his teeth. “Now that I think about it, there is something I wanted to ask you.” This time Survey rolled his eyes, trying to hide his disgust from your sight. You still saw through it and wondered what more there was to his relationship with Radish. Since you met them, they were always at each other’s throats: the Talent Show, the Winter Dance, even during the field trip to the Met where someone burned one and a half garbage cans in the 5th-floor restroom. “I told you not to approach me, brother,” Survey spoke barely above a whisper, so only you and Radish could hear. The temperature dropped and Radish’s bright smile dissipated, replaced with a pair of thin lips. “This doesn’t need to happen right now. I’m not talking to you, Survey; you know that,” Radish replied. There was intense tension between the two, and Y/N was like a Stretch Armstrong in the hands of two toddlers high on too much sugar. “W- well, uh, Radish, what did you want to say?” your face turned red as a tomato, though you tried to act cool as a cucumber. Radish pushed his bright green bowl cut from his eyes. “Would you like to grab a bubble tea and play laser tag with me on Saturday?” He spoke in a sing-song, “I’ll pay for extra toppings!” “Don’t even joke about that,” Survey barked. “Of course she has to study over the weekend. There’s no other reason she wouldn’t go to the library with me.” “Well—” you started, glancing at your wrists. “Aww, come on!” Radish pulls on your arm. “You don’t wanna hang with him! I’m so much more fun, Y/N! You won’t regret coming with me.” “Come with me, Y/N. I can help you get into a great college.” Survey pushes his glasses up, not looking you in the eyes. “I—” you tried to speak again. “Y/N.” Survey said. “Y/N!” Radish said. They both spoke at the same time. “Which one of us are you going with?”

A/N: Alright, guys! Thanks for reading! Remember, leave a comment if you loved it and I’ll update when I can 0:‑) and no flames >A<

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