How To Use A Dishwasher

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Most everyone’s heard of a dishwasher, but not many know how to use one properly. In this article, you will learn how to CORRECTLY use a dishwasher in a lovely step-by-step format that the graphics team will love! Read it you slobbery fellow.

  1. Get your dishes.

    To use a dishwasher you must have dishes. Obviously. I mean, it’s not called a potato washer, now IS IT. Anyway, you need dishes. And lots of them. I bet you won't have a problem with that, HUH. You seem like you use soooo many dishes, you dirty little DISH BOY. Ick, so dirty.

  2. Rinse the dishes Next, you have to rinse the dishes. Do you know what rinsing is? Probably not, because you don't seem to ever rinse yourself. You turn on the sink and run the dishes under the water. This gets off ALL of your sticky little smelly grime that you ate that takes a little effort to get off the plate. Now you may be thinking that now that you rinsed them, they don't need to go into the dishwasher but NO! NO NO NO! They are STILL DIRTY. Jeez. Makes sense coming from YOU, doesn't it.

  3. Put the dishes into the dishwasher Now what you need to do is put the dishes INTO the dishwasher. Don’t just rinse them and put them next to the sink. Is it really that hard to just place them inside? NO, it ISN’T! I bet you have trouble with that though, with you being all dirty. I bet when you put the dishes into the dishwasher you get them DIRTIER than when you STARTED. So unhelpful. I bet you’re your parents' SECOND favorite child.

  4. Start the dishwasher Now you start the dishwasher. Um. I think you um pour the liquid over the plates and then like close it and then um press the start button. Right? I should know. I am writing the article. Wait this isn’t about me, it's about YOU and your SMELLLLLLLYY DISSSSSHESSSS. They're SOOO SMELLLLY so you have to make sure you get the um liquid all over it. Oh, what liquid? I think it's like laundry detergent right? Phoenix told me dishwashers worked like washing machines, so obviously they use the same stuff.

  5. Take the dishes out! Moving on, once the dishes have baked at 350 degrees for 45 minutes they can be put back into your cabinets. I’ve found that the most efficient way is to take them all out at once and, like, shove them in and, like, pray it doesn't break. You can do that right? You can do ONE SIMPLE THING in your life, right? Probably not. You’ll just get the dishes all dirty. Again. Then you’ll have to wash them. Again. Jesus christ this article was pointless.

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