LEAKED! 2022 AP Teen Lang Test Questions

Aramie Ewen, Lawer Nyako, Amara Chowdhury, Ilana Rahim Braden08/02/2022June 2022


#AP (Advanced Placement)

After much pushback from the recent AP English exam, the College Board is finally freshening up their questions for AP English with funky fresh texts relevant to your everyday life: you and your classmates’ messages! After signing a quick and easy waiver to personal privacy–which you did when signing up for a college board account, read the fine print dumb-dumbs–you can now get a tailor-made AP test for AP Language relevant to your day-to-day life. When will you apply what you’re learning in school? Right now!

This is the second test to be created for the digital platform (after AP Japanese) so all administration will be done virtually. Tentative dates range throughout “cuffing season” and students around the nation will first open the test during “sad boi hours.” Questions consist of multiple choice and free response questions using text messages from various platforms that you have sent or received within the last 6 months. However, to reduce the chance of academic dishonesty by contacting the original sender of the messages, all text has been slightly altered and names made anonymous. Questions typically ask about the true meaning of a received text, the effect of slang usage, the implications on your relationship with this other person, and the efficiency of a message. You may also receive some messages you have sent to others and be asked to comment on the appropriateness of your overfamiliarity when “talking to” a person you have shared is attractive to you and the stench of your tangible social ineptitude. Below are some of our favorite questions from our freshest practice tests and questions on AP Classroom. That's right, we're leaking them all over the place! Unfortunately, we couldn’t escape the Collegeboard lawyers completely, so we're just going to give your the questions just in case. Hope you didn’t delete any messages ‘cause it’s time to study up! Stimulus-Based Multiple Choice Questions:

  • Which message from your mother indicates the point where she figured out how to use her phone and is just using you to come up with plotlines for her novel?

  • For questions 53-54, use this list of people in your contacts. (53) Which of the following people think you don't consider them a friend? (54) Which one thinks you two are closer than you actually are?

  • Given the following group text exchange, how long do you give it until Milly finally asks Sarah out?

  • Which pair of messages suggests that joining the GC together ruined your one-on-one friendship with Jill?

  • Which message/status suggests it's time to check in on Gary?

  • Given the previous graph of messages per day, when did you and Sally fall out of love?

  • Johnathan only texts you back because you have to sit next to each other in APUSH. Which set of messages would best support this statement?

  • Which response from Blake most clearly shows the moment he realized Ashley cheated on him?

  • Which message would have been the best to use to reply to Jenny asking you out, if that could ever happen to you?

  • Which message from Janice would lead you to believe Shelly's Insta story of an extraordinarily fluffy pigeon is actually a dig at you?

  • An anonymous number leaked the grades in your class. Which text response to the file most strongly indicates who did it?

  • What would be the best way to describe the effect of Missy sending this message to Jake, Sarah, and Kim in different DMs compared to in a group chat?

  • [Graph going steeply downwards] According to the graph above, what change in Susan's text responses may be a sign of your friendship dying?

  • Which message indicates Susan’s slower texts may just be because of Jenny?

  • Questions 14 and 15 relate to the following screenshot sent by Sarah.

    (14) What does the amount of paragraphs Jeremy sent to Sarah demonstrate about his feelings? (15) How many other girls did Jeremy do the same thing he did to Sarah?

  • Which fake break-up between Susan and Jenny led to a real fight?

  • Using the previous conversation, why did Jake leave Kim on read?

  • Which one-word reply would suggest Alicia does actually, in fact, love you for sure?

  • Which of the following requests for homework answers was because the asker was experiencing severe depression and just longed for social contact?

  • Is your lack of DMs because you ghosted Beth, or is it just a holiday? Free-Response Questions:

  • (FRQ) Is it worth it to get a restraining order against Jeremy?

  • (FRQ) Using your gut feeling, are Bethany and Alicia talking about you right now?

  • (FRQ) Does Alicia not text you because she has a crush on you? 😳😳 [Printed as appeared on practice test]

  • (FRQ) Is Milly waiting to watch Community so she can use it to ask out Sarah?

  • (DBQ) Given these sets of texts, is Ashley flirting back, joking, oblivious to her tone, or something else? Use all previous and future questions involving Ashley as well as possible actions of Ashley who sits two seats in front of you in AP T-Lang to support your claim.

  • (LEQ) Are Susan and Jenny still joking around or are they fighting for real this time?

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