Nobody Can See New Crayola Color

Kelly Hsu05/31/2020Quarantine Issue One

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As of eight days ago, Crayola released their new box of twenty-seven crayons. Young children all around the world are now opening their boxes of crayons, the scent of wax filling their noses. They find many shades of different colors including black, white, and the brand new color.

Slowly, they lift the tubes of wax out of the box. The crayon is almost as delicate as the child's own fingers. It’s perfectly shaped, neatly wrapped in paper.

Eyebrows are raised at this peculiar crayon; it is said to be a color. But no matter how much you squint, turn it, or hold it up into the light, the crayon appears to be a plain wax crayon.

Due to Easter’s egg-coloring activities, people are very familiar with the milky colored wax crayon. But the question remains: Why?

Why would they hype the public about a new color? Why have boxes with twenty-seven crayons, just to add something which appears to be a plain wax stick?

The answer is the label.

The paper wrapped around the crayon always states the color, and around this crayon is the word ___.

Possibly, the magic of this crayon is that it is invisible. So invisible that if one were to color with it, the only evidence it was there would be the trace of wax left behind.

Children, adults, and crayon artists everywhere are outraged.

One could color an entire sheet and still see nothing. That is, except for a man I had recently just interviewed. He was a very Normal Man, like you and me, in a trench coat, sunglasses and a baseball cap. This very Normal Man claimed to have seen the crayon’s color.

“It was beautiful!” He exclaimed. “Such magnificence has never been seen before. I can’t even describe it!”

Some people wonder if this is a classic “Emperor’s new Clothes” phenomenon, where the color only exists to the “worthy.” Some think it is simply a wax crayon.

But perhaps it has a color. As there is a darker color than black, maybe there’s a lighter color than white.

Further research is needed to be able to determine the color of the mysterious crayon. Maybe, in the meantime, we will have to redefine what a color is.

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