Our Favorite Wrong SAT Answers

Ethan Perkis01/28/2022January 2022


SAT results for this year have been published! We at The Radish received a list of the most common incorrect answers and would like to share it with you all to help.

If you got any of these wrong, be sure to let us know in smoke signs, graffiti, or astral projection. Without further ado, let’s begin! Question 23: Reading section What is the theme of the text? A. Greed B. Dogs C. Ur mom D. Fortnite The answer to this question was, quite obviously, C. Although we have made the shift to “ur uncle” recently, it stands correct as the entire passage centers around the main character, whose name can only be uttered in a shape human tongues were not meant to become, dealing with the trauma of her mother. Although Fortnite and dogs are both wonderful, they aren’t a catch-all. Finally, although A seems appropriate due to the main character’s selfish actions, it’s ultimately not a her problem so why do you have to gaslight her like that. Question 63: Grammar section Pick the grammatically correct option. A. He walked, calmly. B. Heawalkedclamly C. Wlakdeh ylmcal, D. What have I written. How have we fallen so far from grace. The answer to this question was C. A shouldn’t have a comma in the middle, and should end with a comma; it’s a dependent clause I think but who am I to say other than someone with a degree. B lacks any form of punctuation, making it an unviable answer. D should have ended with a question mark. That leaves only C, which properly uses commas, as the correct answer, you silly idiots who got it wrong. Question 298392: Math section Where does line mx+b intersect with b? A. Hell B. Purgatory C. x = 0 D. Heaven Sorry to all the losers and haters who didn’t get it, the answer was B. A and D are both wrong because the holy order dictates that heaven must be above hell, making both of those answers sacreligious. C is incorrect because I’m really not vibing with it today 🙄 We hope that these answers will help you on your next test. We wish you all good scores and bad colleges.

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