SGO Stickers Sold as Gym Memberships

Zachary Thompson02/01/2020February 2020

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Brooklyn Tech's SGO sticker, once an item used only for club credits and discounts at school events, has recently been given a new use for non-students: a gym membership. At first, the school was hesitant to introduce the policy. That stopped when sales of SGO stickers skyrocketed—people all across the city have been scrambling to get their hands on the stickers so that they can access to Brooklyn Tech's state-of-the-art gym facilities, including the innovative running track suspended above the first-floor gym and high-tech mechanical workout equipment in the weight training rooms. Initially, the membership access only allowed people to use the school's gymnasiums on the weekends, when all of the pesky students aren't hogging the space and equipment. But the stickers were so popular that the school decided to give people access on the weekdays. One person about the subscription: "My favorite part about the Brooklyn Tech gyms is the temperature. The hot and stuffy air makes finishing my workout even more rewarding." Another frequent user of the gym facilities at Tech spoke about the extra health benefits of running around the track. "Going on that track triggers my fear of heights, which really gets my heart rate going. I only have to exercise for half as long as I used to!" While some students expressed discontent over the new policy, the Physical Education Department at Brooklyn Tech has deemed it "a huge success." When asked about the potential safety and overcrowding concerns of letting random adults use the gyms at the same time as students, administrators said they were "still working on" a solution. The administrators also cited a poll that was put out by the school about whether or not people approve of the new policy, saying that “95 percent of responders said that they liked the memberships." After being asked whether the poll was given to students at Brooklyn Tech, they responded by saying that "the students only make up about 10 percent of gym users, so it wouldn't really affect the numbers that much. Either way, it is clear that the response to the new policy has been overwhelmingly positive."

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