Tupac Reveals He Was In Cuba the Whole Time; First Act is to Collab With Justin Bieber

Daniel Williams05/31/2020Quarantine Issue One

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You’ve read that title right folks, the legendary rapper, songwriter, and actor Tupac Shakur, previously thought to have been tragically assassinated in Las Vegas, has revealed that he was just hiding in Cuba. “Man I just needed to take a break,” Tupac told reporter Mew Sickson. "All this heat 'round me had me messed up. So I did the only thing a reasonable-person-type person would do in my situation, I faked my death." When asked what he did during this time, Shakur said, "Just doing me man. I learned about the interwebs and memes and all that good stuff." After saying that he chuckled a little bit, taking out a somewhat damaged Blackberry, and opened the Google application. "Man these guys on these intertwined webs are funny," the legend said, before showing us a video that put the vocals of his hit diss track "Hit Em Up" over the instrumental of the theme song for a Japanese animation called "Bakemonogatari. "Man this An-knee-may s*** is crazy," he chuckled while showing Sickson the video. After the video finished, when Shakur was inquired about why he chose to collaborate with the pop singer, ex-teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber. He immediately replied with, "He seems to get the kids, man. He also said he deeply understands the struggle I went through."

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