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During the Hybrid Learning Dark Age of Brooklyn Technical High School, I, like many other unsuspecting freshmen, attended the AP History information Zoom session. However, we should have heeded the warnings of our superiors to not take AP World or AP Euro just for course credits. My mindset has changed from nervous to furious from corrupt grading policies. My energy has gone from active to dormant and my spirit has been shattered. But my determination to complete the class has stayed the same. I mean, who are we kidding, we only enrolled for the course credit. Besides, I’m very happy to be here, really. As an literate student of a prestigess specialized hi schoo, I luv putting in affort to do in+ensive homework asinments. THEREFORE, I will put effort into exteñsively analyzing the LEQ essay format in order to get more practice on my homework! I expect nothing less than a 6 on my exam results. The result of my anallysis is below. The intended audience for this document is literate students of Brooklyn Technical High school taking AP World and AP Euro classes, which is why this document is published on The Radish, a major catalyst for cultural diffusion across Brooklyn Tech. Every month, this newspaper is read by all 6,000 students of the school.

The purpose of this document is to glorify the efficiency and productivity of AP World and Euro students because we are, obviously, all on top of every assignment for our coveted AP credit.

Every day, we click the “Mark as done” button of a new Google Classroom assignment. We get to copy 15-paragraph bullet notes on slides in 15 seconds. We relish every moment we have the privilege to annotate in Cornell format. Our work ethic made trade across the Instagram network is more efficient because our shared passion for the subject of history led to the creation of group chats such as “AP world gc” and “[REDACTED TEACHER]’s class is the death of me.” These chats facilitated the exchange of “suchases,” such as, “where is the tokugawa poetry and painting project? I can’t find it. What do you mean it’s right under the projects tab?” as well as “Will she accept late work???” and “Bro this class is so [REDACTED].”

This is a continuity in our history, as we, little puny sophomores mimic the trends of the LEGENDARY MONGOL EMPIRE (without most of the violence). During the post classical era, the Mongol authority and protection over the Silk Road, The Pax Mongolia, facilitated a safe exchange of goods and ideas such as paper money and Islam across the Middle East and Asia. For example, as the Mongols expanded their empire, they would take scholars from all around the Middle East and move them into their capital city of Karakoram. By having the greatest minds from all across the Middle East collaborating, there’s a high chance for a boom in new advancements and innovations such as mathematics and gunpowder warfare. The Mongols would then tax the merchants that made money from exchanging these new popular and high end goods. This shows how the Silk Road is one of the most advanced and intricate trade networks because the Mongols were organized enough to purposely enforce diffusion that made the trade route more efficient.

In conclusion!

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